EDLC / Supercapacitors

We offer the complete range of EDLC (Supercapacitors) from world leading Cap-XX.

The main purpose of an EDLC is to provide high peak current to the application from a weaker power supply or battery. By implementing an EDLC into a battery supplied application, the useful lifetime of the battery can usually be significantly prolonged as well as a physically smaller sized battery can be used.

In close cooperation with Cap-XX we are able to offer custom made EDLC´s, depending on annual volume.

Please note that the previous muRata lineup of EDLC will be produced and offered by Cap-XX starting November 2020.

Please visit our supplier’s website for the complete line up as well as details on the benefits and application notes for EDLC´s: Cap-XX

Contact our department at +45 46 900 400 for further information >