We offer the complete range of SMD MLCC capacitors from world leading manufactures muRata, Samsung and Holy Stone.

Sizes vary from the smallest 008004 (0.25 x 0.125mm) to 2220 (5.7 x 5.0mm).

Murata provides a variety of specialized MLCC types, like soft terminations for higher mechanical stress, Water repellent, Low ESL, and piezo electric reduced types amongst many other.  

Most commonly used are the GRM type and dielectrics NP0/C0G, X5R & X7R.

Depending on volume, we are able to offer customized MLCC´s in close cooperation with our suppliers.

When designing in a new MLCC please be aware that you should chose the smallest available size meeting your requirements, mainly in relation to the DC Bias performance and rated voltage

Please visit our supplier’s website for the complete line up:

Murata MLCC

Samsung MLCC

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