High Power / High Voltage fuses

We offer the complete lineup of Matsuo High Power SMD Fuses from the JAH L series 3216 size 2.0 – 15A to the larger 7.3 x 5.8mm size 30 – 100A types. These fuses are exceptionally suitable for I.E. battery protection.

Furthermore we offer High voltage types, as well as resettable and thermal fuses and Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breakers from world leading suppliers Carling Technologies, Little Fuse and Schurter Electronic Components

For the complete lineup please visit our supplier’s website:

Matsuo:            Matsuo

Carlingtech:  Carlingtech

Littlefuse:      LittleFuse

Schurter SMD fuses:  Schurter

Schurter General overview: Schurter fuses

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