Accelerometer and Inclinometer

We offer a broad range of Accelerometers and Inclinometers from both ALPSALPINE, EPSON and Murata.

ALPSAPLINE offers a 3 axis Accelerometer as well as a 6-axis geomagnetic and acceleration sensor.

Both sensors are featured in a small 2x2x1mm SMD package with I2C Serial interface.

The ALPSALPINE HSCDHD 6 axis geomagnetic and acceleration sensor is integrating a digital output three axis terrestrial magnetism sensor and a three-axis acceleration sensor in one package.

Please contact ACTE for further details and detailed specifications regarding ALPSALPINE

Murata offers a lineup of high accuracy Accelerometers.

Murata is the global market leader in low-g acceleration sensors for automotive applications. The extensive accelerometer product range includes high performance analog and digital accelerometers for both safety critical automotive and industrial applications.

EPSON offers a broad range of accurate Accelerometers and Inclinometers for high end applications.

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EPSON Accelerometers and Inclinometers

Murata Acceleormeters

Murata Inclinometers

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