ER battery, lithium thionyl chloride

Nominal voltage: 3,6V non-rechargeable

Nominal capacity: 450 to 19000 mAh

Package shape: cylindrical AAA to D

Lithium thionyl chloride batteries have a metallic lithium carbon (the lightest of all the metals) and a liquid cathode comprising a porous anode current collector filled with thionyl chloride.

They deliver a voltage of 3.6V and are cylindrical in shape with spiral electrodes for power applications and a bobbin construction for prolonged discharge.

The lithium thionyl chloride batteries has the; highest voltage and energy, the longest storage, and the lowest self-discharge rate. These kinds of batteries are ideal for long-term applications.

These batteries are used in meters (electricity, gas, water, heat), alarms and security devices, emergency location beacons, tracking, RFID and professional electronics applications.



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