The ceramic filter offers a higher Q-value, compared to other filter technologies on PCB.

If you are looking for a tough filter solution with low insertion loss, narrow-band and steep-slope rejection, then a ceramic filter is the solution.  

The tailor-made filters on a PCB pallet can consist of several filter types such as BPF+ LPF and duplexers and multiplexers. With performance up to 12 GHz and 20W and come with resonators as small as 3mm in a single package or in a block.

Small standard SMD filters for Wi-Fi band on 2,4 GHz and 5-6 GHz band are available with low building height.

A customized filter project starts with a spec discussion to obtain the best price and form-fit-function and then a few engineering samples can be provided for verification, based on NRE or volume commitment.  

If you have a filter specification, we have a filter design.

ECHO MW filters

muRata filters

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