Sensors - Hearing

At ACTE A/S we pride ourselves on the knowhow of our highly skilled and experienced resources who are more than willing to share with you the possibilities of implementing  various sensors into I.E a hearing aid for different practical purposes.

We offer a variety of sensors such as Magnetic, Geomagnetic, Acceleration, Inclinometer, Gyro, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Magnetic, AMR & TMR sensors, Ultrasonic, Infrared, shock sensors from world leading manufactures such as ALPSALPINE, COTO, EPSON, Hamlin / Littlefuse, muRata and Stanley.

A typical practical implementation of an acceleration sensor could be monitoring if a person has collapsed and is in immediate need of assistance, I.E. an SMS or an emergency call could automatically be dispatched / initiated from a BLE connected smartphone.

Pressure sensors can be used for I.E vertical height detection a.o. I.E. If a person for health reasons should be limited to a certain altitude, an audio alarm could be triggered.

Temperature sensors are typically used for monitoring operating of temperature critical components like rechargeable batteries. But could also be used for monitoring the users body temperature in the ear canal.

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