Geomagnetic sensors

ALPSAPLINE offers the industry's highest azimuth accuracy, and lowest current consumption in an attractive small 1.6×1.6×0.65mm 8pin LGA package.

Applications, E-Compass ,Motion Sensing, IOT (Parking detection etc…)


•Smallest LGA package.

•Low Noise ( σ=0.3μT ).

•Low current consumption ( 573μA @ 100Hz ).


HSCDTD008A Specifications

Dynamic Range +/-2.4mT

Resolution 0.15 μT/LSB

Current consumption 573μA(ODR@100Hz)

Supply Voltage AVDD=1.7-3.6V


Interface I2C(SS/FS/FS+/HS)

RMS noise 0.3μT

Temperature characteristics 0.6μT/deg.C

Please visit ALPSALPINE website for Further details, or contact ACTE for the complete datasheet. ​​​​​ALPS HSCDTD008A


HSCDTD013A Specifications (Under development)

Dynamic Range +/-2.4mT

Resolution 0.075 μT/LSB

Current consumption 163μA(ODR@100Hz)

Supply Voltage 1.7-3.6V

Interface I2C or SPI

RMS noise 0.3μT

Temperature characteristics 0.1μT/deg.C

Please contact ACTE for further details

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