The M-G325 is a small form factor Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) with gyros & accelerometers. It measures the tri-axial angular velocities and linear accelerations in all 3 axes.

High-end stability & precise measurement capabilities are provided using Epson’s QMEMS sensors along with high-precision compensation technology. All calibration parameters are stored in the IMU memory during manufacturing test. After the IMU is turned on, data are automatically sent to the signal processing application. This has an immense impact on the IMU performance and is reflected in the measurement data, which is sent to the IMU’s digital port.

The IMU features high-stability, high-precision and general-purpose SPI/UART host support, which makes it easy to create and differentiate your IMU sensor design, in various fields of industrial systems for inertial movement analysis and control applications.

Benefits of the M-G325:
• Very low power
• Super compact size for PCB mount
• Pre-calibrated & high precision  
• 3D gyro & accelerometer in one unit
• Digital SPI interface.

The IMU is used in industrial applications such as; stabilization, drones, robotic, motion analysis, agriculture guidance systems, construction vehicles and positions & the navigation market. 

Epson designs crystal MEMS sensors and also develops semiconductor technology, including MCU and IMU signal processing unit. Managing all IMU parameters is one of the reasons for Epson’s success on the IMU and motion-sensors market.

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