Murata has developed the world’s smallest MLCC featuring a maximum capacitance of 100nF in a 008004 inch size.

MLCC´s (Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors) are essential for all electronic devices and are used for a wide range of applications. Particularly within the PCB area and products like hearing aids and modules the MLCC’s are paramount.

A 100nF MLCC is mostly considered as a standard capacitance widely used as a decoupling capacitor, and the number of such capacitors in a single product can easily be in tens or even hundreds of pcs. Thus, by utilizing the new 100nF, a significant amount of the PCB area can be saved, creating space for additional HW or enabling the product to be smaller.

Previously the smallest available size of a 100nF MLCC was a 01005 size. By implementing the new 100nF 008004 size the mounting surface area has been reduced by approximately 50%, and the volume of the 008004 has been reduced by approximately 80% compared to the conventional, currently available 100nF MLCC in 01005 (inch size).

For comparison, the new GRM011R60J104M 100nF M 6V3 X5R 008004 has a capacity of around 10 times the same-sized product 008004 currently being mass-produced by Murata.

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