Probably one of the largest CATV amplifier portfolio in the world

he CATV amplifiers have been designed with low noise figures to be used in the 1st amplifier stage in the system, including enhanced linearity and output power.

The MMICs are internally wide-band matched.

The application circuits can be provided with the optimized gain flatness and return loss over a wide variety of bands including 5 to 300MHz, 50 to 860MHz, 50 to 1000 MHz and 50 to 1200 MHz, respectively.

The CATV amplifiers have a noise figure around 1-2 dB and GAIN in the range of 10 to 34 dB, including Pout up to 113 dBuV @ CENELEC-42.

These components are used in wireless communication systems such as, CATV System, Cable Modem, SMATV System, MoCA and Optical Receiver applications.

Reference design and evaluations kits are available for concept and performance testing.

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