The LNA are designed in GaAs pHEMT technology by optimizing, with respect to NF, Return-loss, linearity and with power consumption as a trade-off.

LNA design in the frequency band up to 3 GHz can be found, with a noise figure below 0.4 dB @ 900 MHz and down to 0.5 dB @ 2 GHz. The linearity can be up to 43 dBm in OIP3 @ 5V & 90 mA.

Solutions are available with discrete device for lowest NF application having no restriction on the PCB area, and solutions with internally matched device suitable for a simpler off-chip circuit application can be selected.

These components are used in wireless communication systems such as TETRA, LTE, WLAN, FM, DVB, GNSS and Satellite line amplifier applications.

Reference design and evaluations kits are available for concept and performance testing.


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