At ACTE we have highly experienced resources who are more than willing to share knowledge and design experience with you and to provide relevant design information’s and application notes from our world leading antenna manufactures. 

We can help you with new antennas proposal that fit your requirement, and possibilities to implement the latest antenna types into your next design.

ACTE offers a variety of antenna such as, Ceramic, PCB, Flex, Patch, omni, directional antennas from world leading manufactures such as; Antenova (PCB antennas), Cirocomm (Ceramic Patch Antennas), EAD (Omni Antennas) and 2J antennas for all wireless and GPS application.

Antennas can be found in all bands from KHz to GHz and with single band or as multi-band capabilities. 

Integrated antenna design is made easy with software tools, design recommendations and support to the design phase, this will optimize your design and provide benefits.  

A good antenna selection & design can improve your coverage KPI with 25%.  

Call ACTE at 46 900 400 to talk about new components to your next project or get an offer and lead-time on a part number you already have.