At ACTE we have highly experienced resources who are more than willing to share knowledge and design experience with you and to provide relevant design information’s and application notes from our world leading component manufactures. 
We can help you with RF filter solution that fit your requirement, and possibilities to implement the latest filter component into your next design.
ACTE offers a variety of RF Filters such as, LPF, HPF, BPF, Ceramic filters, LC filters and SAW filters from world leading manufactures such as ECHO Microwave (Filters & Isolators), muRata (Couplers, SAW, Filters) for all wireless application.
The SAW filter solutions are designed to operate in standard word-wide band from suppliers with very high production capacity in the smallest packages available. 
Tailor-made ceramic filters solutions with state-of-art specifications that exceed your expectations can be designed based on your specification.
Our filters are primarily Band Pass Filters from MHz to GHz band and suitable for all wireless applications including metering and Smart-Home.

Call ACTE at 46 900 400 to talk about new components to your next project or get an offer and lead-time on a part number you already have.