Gemalto M2M Gmbh

2G GSM Wireless Module

A strong solution for many-many years used for Voice, SMS and Data, in a small LGA or LCC package, usable for many applications. 
Some say there will be sunset for GSM in 2025, “It is difficult to predict - especially about the future”. However, it’s safe to say that Cat-NB and Cat-M is the new-way, as is backup globally by major MNO and all base-stations OEMs.  
A variety of different features are available with: quad-band, GPRS, voice, data, SMS, Java, dual-SIM, GNSS, BT, WiFi scan, to fit all you needs.  
If you need < 85 Kbps in downlink – GSM can be a strong and inexpensive solution. 

Please also consider a new NB-IoT module, this will most likely be a more futureproof solution    

Quectel datasheet
Gemalto datasheet

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