Quectel RG255C module

5G SA has opened the door for a new generation of “5G Light” radio modules with Reduced Capability, called 5G RedCap, with less complexity and lower cost but still 5G compliant. Including network slicing support, 5G LAN, and Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication below 5-10ms P2P.

ACTE offers three modem types from Quectel Wireless: a LGA module, a mini-PCIe and a M.2 modem card. All based on latest Qualcomm Snapdragon® X35 chipset. Samples are available and production starts during 2024 depending on the type.        

The module has a rich set of Internet protocols, industry-standard interfaces (USB, PCIe, PCM, UART, SGMII, SPI, etc.) and abundant functionalities (Multi-constellation-GNSS, 4G VoLTE backup, support one antenna usage) allowing the module to serve a wide range application. 

Applications such as Industrial automation, Drones, Robotics, and mid-speed mobile broadband devices are ideal for 5G Light. Development kits and EVB dongles are available for fast TTM.

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