Gemalto M2M Gmbh

NB-IoT & Cat-M Wireless Modules

With a new network in Denmark, the Cat-NB standard, is the ideal solution for a Low Data Rate up to 375K bps and very low-power consumption for battery operations. New AT-commands for sleep mode, features typical 3uA in Power Savings Mode support. 
Using the latest chipset - the broadest range of modules are available with features like; multiple-LTE bands, Kbps- Data rate, ultra-low-power, eSIM, GNSS, USB, GSM backup, GPIO sensor-interface and incremental Firmware upgrade Over The Air to comply long lifespan.
Cat-NB & Cat-M is a cornerstone of 5G solution, for the connected sensor application.     

Quectel datasheet
Gemato datasheet

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