The Terminals work out of the box, adding the LTE connectivity quickly and easily to your smart applications. Just focus on the software. With very little integration effort, Terminals can be connected to your application via standard industrial interfaces. They are an ideal solution for mid- to small-sized deployments offering “Plug-in and Play” benefits. Benefits using the Terminals: Certifications and pre-approvals is performed / no costly approvals Deployment time can be cut by 60% Simply focus on the software LTE Cat-1 terminals is available with GPIO, RS485, USB or LAN interface. A new world-wide solution in one-terminal is available with +20 global frequency bands.

Cinterion® 4G LTE Terminals
Cinterion® BGS2 Terminal
Cinterion® DGL61-W
Cinterion® EGX81
Cinterion® EHS6 Terminal