GPS & GNSS modules

For GNSS applications such as tracking device, positioning alarms, wearables & fitness devices a module solution can be found using a concurrent multi-GNSS receiver with a compact built-in antennas and amplifiers for weak-signal-arears or even via an external antenna solution if the antennas can be placed more optimal.

The GNSS module has an intelligent “multiple power management modes” build-in to reduce the current consumption in different scenarios called AlwaysLocate™. The low power mode (GLP) is an optimized solution for battery applications.


The GNSS modules comes with various A-GPS benefits like Embedded Assist System for quick positioning called EASY™. This technology decreases the TTFF considerably.


Extended Prediction Orbit EPO™ data, to assist the position calculation in weak signal areas or to speed up TTFF, can be downloaded from FTP server.


In places with very poor GNSS signals or even not available, a GNSS module equipped with 6-axis sensor for dead reckoning solution provides high positioning performance.


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