Leoni Elocab Gmbh

Cat cables

The ship and offshore market also demands data connections that are safe and of high quality at the transition from hazardous areas to non-hazardous areas. Due to the increasing use of liquid gas for cruise ships and ferries, these applications are becoming more and more frequent.

we have developed cable solutions for this purpose that flow only a minimal amount of gas from one zone to another in the event of an explosion and also meet the requirements of maritime standards.

The product portfolio includes the following product groups:

  • Cat 5e, 6, 6A and 7 Ethernet cables
  • PROFIBUS cables
  • CAN cables
  • CCTV camera cables
  • Hybrid cables

In addition to the excellent data transmission characteristics during operation on board or offshore platforms, the cables also ensure the protection of persons and property by reducing the gas flow.


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