ACTE has signed an agreement with Pinnacle Response, which means that we can now provide the most robust camera solution for portable video cameras in the market. The cameras will improve working conditions for exposed employees. Pinnacle Response’s video camera solution is called PR6 and is visibly worn by the individual employee. 

At many service companies within security and protection, public transportation, police and other emergency services as well as similar occupations, situations can quickly occur that employees find either uncomfortable or dangerous. The personnel security is naturally the number one priority for the individual company. Therefore, the opportunity for monitoring to protect the employees actualises. However, it is crucial that any type of video or camera as a communication device comply with existing laws within the area - including compliance with the GDPR requirements and surveillance in public spaces. This applies to PR6, which makes the video solution ground-breaking.   

PR6 has a number of advantages: 

  • Simple to use and easy to attach to the uniform
  • Takes super clear video recordings by 130° wide angle
  • Takes 30 pictures per second, allowing focus on details as faces or number plates
  • Effective and robust design, focusing on encrypt contents
  • Easy processing of video sequences
  • Software, upload and support are of very high quality 

Furthermore, PR6 has appeared to be a highly effective protection against violence or threats of violence. Case stories from current PR6 customers show a full 70% reduction of unwanted incidents: Including verbal or physical assaults, death threats and other “unreasonable behaviour”. Many users experience that they feel more secure and are in a better position to deal with situations, that occur during their work in public places.

We are welcoming the cooperation and are looking forward to display PR6 in your company.

Contact our department at +45 46 900 400 for further information >