We offer a wide range of switches for all types of applications from the tiny TACT switches for hearing-aids up to high power Automotive and Marine switches and high voltage emergency switches. Types of switches include but not limited to TACT switches, R…

Filters / Inlets / Fuses

We offer a wide range of inlets with and without EMC filtering as well as various inlet filters and various types of fuses from world class manufactures Carling Technologies, Schurter Electronic Components and Matsuo.

Fuses & Fuse holders

We offer a variety of fuses from the tiny 0402 size to large high-power High voltage types, as well as resettable and thermal fuses and Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breakers from world leading suppliers Carling Technologies, Little Fuse, Matsuo and Schurter

High Power / High Voltage fuses

Little Fuse and Schurter Electronic Components For the complete … LittleFuse Schurter SMD fuses… Schurter Schurter General overview

Fuse Holders / Sockets

We offer a variety of fuseholdes from Schurter and Littlefuse… Schurter Fuesholders Littlefuse Fuseholders

Power Switches

Carling Technologies and Schurter Electronic Components. Variety includes… Carling Schurter Electronic Components… Schurter